Innsbruck Nature Film Festival nears deadline

Every year the renowned Innsbruck Nature Film Festival calls to send in documentaries and shorts dealing with the topic nature in a broader sense. In collaboration with the University of Innsbruck and in the framework of the international year of soils, a special category for films about soils is announced.

The festival aims to raise the awareness of soil, its biodiversity and functions. The best contribution will be awarded with €2.000!

Significant progress at the Global Soil Partnership meeting Rome, Italy

Written by Dr. Ciro Gardi, Scientific Programme Coordinator, Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative

On July 22-24, 2014, I attended the Second Assembly of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) that was held in the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Italy.

Soil Biodiversity in the European Commission Headquarters

As a European and Belgian citizen, I have seen the Berlaymont building in Brussels many times before in person and on TV or in newspapers when European issues were being addressed. I have always associated the building with politics and a beehive of translators to enable multi-language meetings.



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