Soil Microbes in Ecological Restoration

fungi in tallgrass prairie restoration



This post originally appeared on the Restoration Blog from the Midwest-Great Lakes Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration

By: Elizabeth Bach, Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative (formerly Illinois Natural History Survey), Jonathan Bauer, Indiana University, Liz Koziol, Indiana University, USA









Around the world: Exploring soils and root of all life


This post originally appeared in the Human Nature blog from the Sustainability Leadership Fellows at the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State University.

Written by Tandra Fraser, 2015-2016 Sustainability Leadership Fellow and Postdoc at the School of Agriculture, University of Reading, London.


Innsbruck Nature Film Festival nears deadline

Every year the renowned Innsbruck Nature Film Festival calls to send in documentaries and shorts dealing with the topic nature in a broader sense. In collaboration with the University of Innsbruck and in the framework of the international year of soils, a special category for films about soils is announced.

The festival aims to raise the awareness of soil, its biodiversity and functions. The best contribution will be awarded with €2.000!


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